Tofu & Seitan

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Biona Seitan In Soya & Ginger 350g x 6

Biona Organic Seitan Pieces in Soya Sauce & Ginger 350g: Biona Organics is committed to producing gr..

£17.96 Ex Tax: £17.96

Blue Dragon Firm Silken Style Tofu 349g

Blue Dragon - Extra Firm Silken Style Tofu (349g)Extra Firm Silken Style Tofu is ideal for all types..

£1.43 Ex Tax: £1.43

Clearspring Organic Ambient Tofu 300g

Clearspring-Org Long Life Tofu (300g)It is the juice from the pickling of umeboshi, salt-pickled plu..

£1.32 Ex Tax: £1.32

Danival Tofu Ravioli - Organic 670g

Danival Organic Tofu Ravioli 670g: A rich tomato sauce with superb tofu-filled pasta. Tofu is an exc..

£4.00 Ex Tax: £4.00

Lima Seitan 250g

This preparation based on wheat protein (gluten) comes from the Far East. The seitan is rich in vege..

£4.46 Ex Tax: £4.46

Marigold Braised Tofu - Canned 225g

Marigold-Braised Tofu in Can (225g)Delicious in salads, sandwiches, stir fried with vegetables and i..

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Mori-Nu Mori Nu Tofu - Firm 340g x 12

Mori Nu Tofu - Firm 340g x 12..

£16.65 Ex Tax: £16.65

Mori-Nu Mori Nu Tofu - Soft 340g x 12

For Dips, Sauces, And Smoothies Is Low-Fat, Heart-Healthy Vegetable Protein With Soy Isoflavones. Wi..

£16.65 Ex Tax: £16.65