Couscous & Quinoa

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Alfez Harissa Spiced Couscous 200g x 12

Golden couscous grains with exotic spices, chilli & coriander Al'Fez Harissa Spiced Couscous is ea..

£11.42 Ex Tax: £11.42

Alfez Moroccan Spiced Couscous 200g

At the heart of every Al'Fez product lies the promise of discovery; and they have put together a del..

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Alfez Pearl Couscous 200g

Al'Fez Pearl couscous is easy to prepare and can be enjoyed in so many ways... Melted Butter, nut oi..

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Amisa Spelt Couscous - Organic 500g

Amisa-Org Spelt Cous Cous (500g)Spelt is one of the oldest cultivated grains (an ancient cousin of w..

£2.99 Ex Tax: £2.99

Artisan Grains Pearl Couscous 250g x 6

Artisan Grains Pearl Couscous (250g): Pearl shaped grains made from 100% durum wheat. Pearl Couscous..

£8.36 Ex Tax: £8.36

Artisan Grains Royal Quinoa 220g x 6

Artisan Grains Royal Quinoa 220g (Pack of 6): Pronounced "Keen-Wah", Quinoa is a small white grain-l..

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Artisan Grains Tri-Colour Couscous 200g x 6

Artisan Grains Tri-Colour CousCous 200g (Pack of 6): Couscous is a North African grain made from dur..

£8.36 Ex Tax: £8.36

Biofair Black Quinoa Grain 400g

The much sought after black variety of the ancient nutritious quinoa grain. Containing all essential..

£3.52 Ex Tax: £3.52

Biofair Red Quinoa Grain 500g

This special coloured grain is sure to be a popular cooking ingredient this summer, bringing colour,..

£4.04 Ex Tax: £4.04

Biofair Tricolore Quinoa Grain - Fairtrade 500g

Biofair - Tri-Colore Quinoa Grain (500g)Tri-Colore Quinoa Grain (500g)..

£3.74 Ex Tax: £3.74

Biofair White Quinoa Grain - Fairtrade 500g x 6

Biofair Org White Quinoa Grain 500g: Biofair products are both Fair Trade and certified organic, wit..

£21.05 Ex Tax: £21.05

Hodmedods British White Quinoa 500g

Our British-grown white quinoa is grown by Peter Fairs in the fields of Essex. It's deliciously nutt..

£2.62 Ex Tax: £2.62

Lima Kamut Couscous - Organic 500g

Kamut is the ancestor of durum wheat and has an energetic value that is higher than that of wheat. I..

£4.95 Ex Tax: £4.95

Merchant Gourmet Red & White Quinoa - Ready To Eat 250g x 6

Merchant Gourmet Ready to Eat Red & White Quinoa 250g: Quinoa is pronounced 'keen-wah'. It has a nut..

£12.82 Ex Tax: £12.82

Merchant Gourmet Wholemeal Giant Israeli Cous Cous 300g x 6

Our Wholewheat Giant Couscous is a nutritious and delicious alternative to regular couscous or pasta..

£10.58 Ex Tax: £10.58

Quinola Black Quinola 400g

Black Quinoa is a much sought after variety of the ancient quinoa grain. Black quinoa contains a bal..

£4.12 Ex Tax: £4.12